6 October 2013

Welcome to my life - post 07

Hello everyone, here are some more updates for Welcome to my life.

This week i have some nice little animation tests to show off, they should tide you over until the first short comes out:

A short animation of George walking
(quite pointless for the shorts as he will be sitting throughout them but good to know that he can do walk cycles)
A test of Tom (Georges dog)
(The eagle eyed among you may be able to see my hand pop into shot for a frame. This will not happen when i'm animating the shorts)

23 September 2013

Welcome to my life - post 6

Animation on the 'Welcome to my life shorts,' has begun!

Here are some nice pictures to keep you going and be sure to keep checking back as I'll be uploading some animation tests very soon.

Here is George with clothes made by Jessica Minshull

The Finished George

Here i am animating George, it's really fun so far, lets hope it stays this way
Currently i'm getting a few seconds animated a day, i will post up some test vidios in a few days.
There will be more posts soon, thanks for watching.

30 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 5

Hello again and welcome to a very exciting post on the Welcome to my life blog.
This week i have puppet production photos to show you of George and Tom.

Georges body made of blue foam

Georges head made of a softer pink foam

Georges head was then covered in super sculpy, witch was then hardened and painted
the eyes are made of white sculpy with holes in the middle so that they can be moved
His pupils were carefully painted on with black paint

Here is George with his full body.
His arms are made of twisted wire and furnature foam
his legs and feet are made from blue foam and plastic

Here is a test of George sitting in his chair

Tom was a basic wire armature held together with glue

The head as with Georges was made using foam and sculpy

Tom was then covered in fur and given ears nose and eyes

Here he is almost complete
Thank you for checking out the making of, if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message, there will be more updates very soon and there should be some nice animation tests to show you all.

25 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 4

Hello and welcome to another exciting post from 'Welcome to my life.'
First of all i would like to bring your attention to the new comic tab, we now have a 'welcome to my life,' comic section!!!

The comic posts wont be very often as production on the animated 'welcome to my life,' takes up a lot of time right now.
But I will try my best to get them up when i can.

Now on with the post:

Beginings of Georges chair made of polystyrine and leather
the cocktail stick is to hold George onto the chair

This week i want to show you the making of the props
Currently there is a mini animated youtube series starting up with short little animations of George
They will hopefully be funny little insites into George's world

For these animations i am creating a simple set using George, Tom, his chair and the front room
Here are some more making of props to keep you going until the puppet making post next week

Georges little cupboard to keep his phone on and his belongings in

The big blue cupboard that wont be used in the shorts but will help for when
the pilot is created in the not too distant future
(Cupboard created by Simon Marsh)

A small T.V

and Georges phone
 I hope this is enough to keep you going until the big exciting puppet making post next week!

Thanks for watching

19 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 03

Every day we get closer and closer to hearing George speak
closer and closer to hearing his philosophy on the world and
things in general.

Here are the maquettes of Pat and George all looking fancy for your viewing pleasure
Please enjoy:

The happy couple Pat and George
As you can see they both look very smart in their new forms
the next step is to turn them into animateable puppets

Keep watching there will be more posts soon!

10 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 02

Hello and here is post two of the welcome to my life news feed.
Production on the project is coming along
smoothly, any day now George will open
his eyes and start spouting abuse at people
so today i'm going to be posting some of the
art work and concept ideas we have for the project

So lets get some art work up here:
Concept art for the front room set (the main set of the series)

Here is a coloured version of the set, this is the sort of layout
i am looking for

Concept art for George:



 Concept art for Pat:


 I'll post more soon, keep watching!

30 July 2013

Welcome to my life - post 01

Hello and welcome to the news feed
for ‘Welcome to my life.’
(the new stop motion project)

Welcome to my life is now in full production.
There will be regular updates letting you
know how it’s all going, updates may include
art work, making of photos, behind the scenes pictures and videos and test footage too

Pat and George

So what is Welcome to my life?

Welcome to my life' started as an idea back in 2003 by mastermind Kyle Bennett.
A twelve episode T.V series was created for viewing of family and friends.
The twelve episodes were created in stop motion animation and were produced solely by Kyle over two years.

The series was a funny and slightly depressing view on the married life of main characters Pat Patterson (formally Darling) and George Patterson.

Pat and George from the origanl series

The series was then forgotten about for a few years until one day whilst at university the series was shown to a few friends who fell in love with the characters and story.

The series was then spread out across families and friends until a remake was demanded.

Today, teamed up with many supportive friends, 'Welcome to my life' is back in production and a professional remake shall be made.

This blog will show every step of production and give regular updates and hopefully gain even more fans.

In this remake ‘Welcome to my life’ will take a slightly different rout and follow slightly different themes, but the characters that everyone has fallen in love with will remain the same.

Keep watching the Welcome to my life blog

More exciting updates coming soon!