25 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 4

Hello and welcome to another exciting post from 'Welcome to my life.'
First of all i would like to bring your attention to the new comic tab, we now have a 'welcome to my life,' comic section!!!

The comic posts wont be very often as production on the animated 'welcome to my life,' takes up a lot of time right now.
But I will try my best to get them up when i can.

Now on with the post:

Beginings of Georges chair made of polystyrine and leather
the cocktail stick is to hold George onto the chair

This week i want to show you the making of the props
Currently there is a mini animated youtube series starting up with short little animations of George
They will hopefully be funny little insites into George's world

For these animations i am creating a simple set using George, Tom, his chair and the front room
Here are some more making of props to keep you going until the puppet making post next week

Georges little cupboard to keep his phone on and his belongings in

The big blue cupboard that wont be used in the shorts but will help for when
the pilot is created in the not too distant future
(Cupboard created by Simon Marsh)

A small T.V

and Georges phone
 I hope this is enough to keep you going until the big exciting puppet making post next week!

Thanks for watching

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