30 August 2013

Welcome to my life - post 5

Hello again and welcome to a very exciting post on the Welcome to my life blog.
This week i have puppet production photos to show you of George and Tom.

Georges body made of blue foam

Georges head made of a softer pink foam

Georges head was then covered in super sculpy, witch was then hardened and painted
the eyes are made of white sculpy with holes in the middle so that they can be moved
His pupils were carefully painted on with black paint

Here is George with his full body.
His arms are made of twisted wire and furnature foam
his legs and feet are made from blue foam and plastic

Here is a test of George sitting in his chair

Tom was a basic wire armature held together with glue

The head as with Georges was made using foam and sculpy

Tom was then covered in fur and given ears nose and eyes

Here he is almost complete
Thank you for checking out the making of, if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message, there will be more updates very soon and there should be some nice animation tests to show you all.

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