30 July 2013

Welcome to my life - post 01

Hello and welcome to the news feed
for ‘Welcome to my life.’
(the new stop motion project)

Welcome to my life is now in full production.
There will be regular updates letting you
know how it’s all going, updates may include
art work, making of photos, behind the scenes pictures and videos and test footage too

Pat and George

So what is Welcome to my life?

Welcome to my life' started as an idea back in 2003 by mastermind Kyle Bennett.
A twelve episode T.V series was created for viewing of family and friends.
The twelve episodes were created in stop motion animation and were produced solely by Kyle over two years.

The series was a funny and slightly depressing view on the married life of main characters Pat Patterson (formally Darling) and George Patterson.

Pat and George from the origanl series

The series was then forgotten about for a few years until one day whilst at university the series was shown to a few friends who fell in love with the characters and story.

The series was then spread out across families and friends until a remake was demanded.

Today, teamed up with many supportive friends, 'Welcome to my life' is back in production and a professional remake shall be made.

This blog will show every step of production and give regular updates and hopefully gain even more fans.

In this remake ‘Welcome to my life’ will take a slightly different rout and follow slightly different themes, but the characters that everyone has fallen in love with will remain the same.

Keep watching the Welcome to my life blog

More exciting updates coming soon!





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