12 February 2017

Making of Georges Christmas

Being mid February, I think I can safely say that Christmas is long behind us.
And as promised here are the making of pictures from Georges 2016 Christmas special, sorry It's taken so long to get them up here, but with work and various other projects in the works it has taken a while to sort out.
I hope you enjoy:

George before having his eyebrows applied in his Christmas set

Georges mug of hot cocoa

Georges tree angel (He made it himself)

The Devon Herb novel had to be remade as the original was getting a bit tatty, but hopefully it looks the same as the original

A shot I usually forget to take of the actual animation software I use to animate Georges Reviews
I use Stop motion pro to animate, sort out audio in Audacity and lip sync using Magpie pro

Georges Guitar before it's paint job 

Georges finished guitar 

If you haven't already then check the last post to see the Christmas Special! More to come soon hopefully!!!

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