16 August 2015

Welcome to my life - post 13

Hey everyone, as promised here are some making of photos:

A small beer crate of Georges favourite beer ( X - Brand )
A new prop created for the previous episode and there's no reason it won't be used for later episodes too!

After this episode was finished i wanted to give George a good touch up
his hands were a mess and so were his clothes, so i stripped him naked and chopped off his hands
replacing them with new fresh clean ones. They look a bit smoother but in the future i will aim to give him the smoothest hands possible.

By dipping them in latex i was able to get a smoother finish
whereas in the past i had painted the latex on with a paintbrush, this left the fingers looking cracked and lumpy

Georges cupboard also looked as if it needed redoing.
So i rebuilt the cupboard from scratch, it's currently painted black, soon i will paint it to hopefully look like wood!

Here I am painting the cupboard black
I'm wearing my most tattered t-shirt to paint in, as you might be able to see, It has a massive hole in it, but why throw away perfectly good painting clothes!
Also i'm adorning my wonderful safety goggles 
I've also repainted the wall, added in a new door and put up a small shelf for George
now he has a place to show off his Devon Herb novel!
Next I'll be remaking the phone and remote, then I'll give the cupboard a good finish, repaint the floor and make a few extra props along with new clean replacement mouths. Then i can get back to animating.
All animated and ready to upload for your viewing pleasure by mid September!

Stay tuned folks and I'll post more upadates soon!

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